Working Girls in Costa Rica

For Working Girls in Costa Rica, it’s a Job

We get several requests routinely to check the activities of working girls in Costa Rica. At first, when one of the women that work in the infamous hotel/casino in central San Jose, told me that her job was selling her body for money, it struck me odd she referred to it as her job.

However, That is the reality of the situation. Working girls in Costa Rica view their activity as a job. Nothing more, it’s just a job and they will do almost anything to further the revenue they receive for their services.


I get several calls a month from men, especially American men about one of these girls. The conversation varies but generally goes something like this.

Me: “Investigations can I help you?”

Client: “Yes, I found you on the web and I have a situation that I need help.”

“What is it?”

Client: “I have been dating a girl for about six months and all of a sudden she is not available when I call.”

“Are you sending her money?”

Client: “Yes, I send her a couple of hundred dollars every so often.”

“Where did you meet her>”

Client: “I met her in Jaco at the hotel famous for working girls.” “I know that sounds bad but she has been faithful to me since we met.” She has a child and a sick mother.” “She lives with her mother in Desamparados.”

Generally, this is where I interrupt and tell the client, the hard cold truth of what he is dealing with. I measure what I say because this is a matter of the heart for the client.

Working girls in Costa Rica, don’t love you!

Working girls in Costa Rica do not love you, they love your money. Once you leave the country and go back home, she still has to make a living as the cost of living here is high. Two or three hundred dollars a month won’t cut it. Her rent even in Desamparados is probably $300 a month. Groceries will run between $300-$400 a month. Electricity, water will be another $100-$200 a month. It doesn’t take a genius to do the math. So, the $200 sent a month helps but isn’t enough to cover.

What is she going to do? More than likely, go back to the hotel she had the chance encounter and seek another customer. This is not always the case, but most of the time it is. I have had cases where the woman was doing the best she could and waiting for her boyfriend to come back. In either case, it would behoove you to have us check it out and tell you what is going on.




Bachelor Party in Jaco

Costa Rica Private Investigator and Bachelor Party in Jaco

Girls arriving for party

Recently, we were contacted by a security specialist who inquired about a bachelor party in Jaco Costa Rica. It appears that an associate of this contractor saw an opportunity to provide counter-surveillance for participants of various bachelor parties in Jaco. We have conducted numerous stake outs on places we know are places that provides bachelor parties. Most are gated and secured and access is tightly controlled by the people who run them. We have also advertised on our site to provide counter-surveillance services to participants and to date have not had one client to ask for such services.